30th Annual Stop Children's Cancer 
Charity Golf Classic

October 13, 2023

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


On behalf of Stop Children's Cancer, we want to extend our deepest gratitude for your incredible support in the fight against childhood cancers. Your generous donations,volunteerism, and support are making a significant impact on our mission to eradicate this devastating disease and are bringing hope to countless children and their families.


At Stop Children's Cancer, we are dedicated to funding innovative research projects that aim to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of childhood cancers. Your contribution has allowed us to support groundbreaking research initiatives led by renowned scientists and medical professionals. Through your generosity, we are able to provide critical funding for studies that focus on understanding the underlying causes of childhood cancer, developing targeted therapies, and improving the long-term outcomes for young patients.


We are truly grateful for your commitment to our cause and for joining us in the fight against childhood cancer. Your generosity has brought us closer to our goal of a world where no child has to suffer from this devastating disease. Together, we are making a lasting impact and giving hope to those who need it most.


Once again, thank you for your incredible support. Your donation has made a difference in the lives of countless children and their families, and we are honored to have you as a partner in our mission. We look forward to sharing the progress and successes that your contribution has helped us achieve.


With heartfelt appreciation,

The Board of Directors, Golf Committee and Staff

Thank you to Chris Watkins Photography for capturing an extraordinary day! Check out the Photos Here


Congratulations to the Winners of the 30th Annual Chairty Golf Classic: 

Bonnie's Flight: Score & Names: Scramble

54: Burkhardt/Wuenschel/Burkhardt/Burkhardt: 1st Place: (Skins: 2 x $64 = $128; Holes: 4,10)

54: Maris, Jr. /Maris/Maris/Maris: 2nd Place: (Skins: 2 x $64 = $128; Holes : 7, 16)

57: Davis/Griffin/Oen/Hatch:

58: Nazworth/Dowling/Cino/Gibson:

59: Cox/Polifka/Watson/Cornell:

59: Dooley/ Lewis/Cohan/Martin: (Skins: 1 x $64 = $64; Hole 9)

61: Spiwak/Spiwak/Spiwak/Spiwak:

61: Walker/Gore/Desomma/Fuxa:


Kim's Flight: Score & Names: Scramble

61: McCarty/McCarty/Meadows/Larson: 1st Place: (Skins: 1 x $160 = $160; Hole 13)

62: Guinn/Witt/Keough/TBD: 2nd Place: (Skins: 1 x $160 = $160 Hole 9)


62: Brantley/Brantley/McGarry/Card:

62: Fetrow/Ives/Haas/Cooper:

62: Burchfield/Phelps/Haller/Wilkinson:

63: Carnes/Hardage/Lamb/Kowalski:

63: Freeman/Gershow/Goetze/Lopez:


Jeffery's Flight: Score & Names: Scramble

65: Dyal, Jr., /Melvin/Melvin/Melvin: 1st Place

65: Hughes/Kozlowski/Drotos/Moore: 2nd Place: (Skins: 2 x $53 = $106; Holes 9,17)

65: Ross/Radcliffe/Fitz/Fitz: (Skins: 1 x $53 = $53; Hole 16)

66: Thigpen/Baucom/Hall/Thigpen:

66: Perry/Johnson/Biles/Hansen: (Skins: 1 x $53 = $53; Hole 8)

66: Klopper/Kapec/Satira/Frank: (Skins: 1 x $53 = $53; Hole 12) 

67: Dobbins/Harmon/Davis/Sposato: (Skins: 1 x $53 = $53; Hole 11)

67: Conner/Hill/Barker/Baisley:


Garrett's Flight: Score & Names: Scramble

67: Dillon/Childers/Adams/Logan: 1st Place: (Skins: 2 x $35 = $70; Holes 7, 18)

69: Ellenburg/Kieszek/Parker/Doan: 2nd Place: (Skins: 2 x $35 = $70; Holes 3,14)
71: Fitzgerald/Kitts/Kinser/Williams: (Skins: 1 x $35 = $35; Hole 17)

71: Robertson/Isalm/Islam/Carreras: (Skins: 1 x $35 = $35: Hole 8)

71: Moreno/Jones/Drageset/Wilson: (Skins: 2 x $35 = $70; Holes 6,9)

73: Nelson, Jr./Monroe/Branagan/Ford: Last Place (Skins: 1 x $35 = $35; Hole 16) 


Putting Contest Winner: Jose Moreno

Closest to the Pin Hole 2 Winner: Joe Cox

Closest to the Pin Hole 15 Winner: Johnny Cornell

Longest Drive Men's Winner: 

Longest Drive Women's Winner: Linda Goetze

Cooler Winner: Joe Cox



Thank you for making the 30th Annual Charity Golf Classic our biggest success yet!!
Jim Carnes, Bobby Dyal, Carolyne R. Freeman, Howard Freeman, Mac McCarty, Mark Nordman, James Quesenberry & Marc Spiwak


Thank You to Our Amazing 2023 Sponsors!!
















30th Annual Charity Golf Classic Benefiting Stop Children's Cancer, Inc.

Hawkstone Country Club
9905 SW 44th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32608

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